Case Studies - Development & Marketing

Unique Software Applications and Capabilities


EMC/EMI testing capabilities, unique software applications, and an extensive roster of worldwide accreditations and authorizations offer manufacturers, designers and importers a single source for meeting all regulatory requirements.
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Logical Application of Complex Data

Directive Supervision

Directive Supervision is a model for practical and effective integration of human resources, staff development, and staff supervision in human service agencies; a tool to provide evaluation and measurement of performance and goals between supervisors, employees, and outside parties.
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Flexibility and Energy Inspire New Audience


The annual manager meeting at adidas North America headquarters is a major team building event for the retail team, drawing nearly 200 regional managers from across the United States for a week of training and strategy sessions that will help guide the larger team over the entire year.
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Intel Gains Enhanced Usability Features

Intel Noggin Web Rebrand

Intel Corporation undertook a massive rebranding campaign – products, marketing – the whole shebang. New branding meant new rules of compliance and a style guide for all Intel-affiliated websites.
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A Website Redesign Offers New Opportunities for RFM Seating Team

RFM Seating Re-Design

RFM Seating is a Northwest manufacturer of highly customizable office chair products designed to offer a whole new level of ergonomic support for the place where, let's face it, many of us spend the majority of our time.
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