Add UPS Tracking to Your Web Design

by: Ben Friedle

Did you know you can allow your customers to track packages from YOUR website? Well its true. As a part of the UPS Business Solutions Tools you can allow your customers to put their tracking number and track the package from your web site. It isn't even necessary to have an ecommerce installation. Just a tracking number.

This can drive additional traffic to your site and help customers continue to learn more about you. The way it works is Outlier Solutions can design a web page that conforms to the look of your site and then we embed the tracking application. A customer enters the tracking number and the results are given all directly from your site.

Outlier just recently completed a project where were able to allow customers to search by simply using a 6 digit sales order number as opposed to the 18 digit UPS tracking number. This was a huge convenience for both our client and their customers.


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