Disable Magento Product Download, Review and Wishlist

by: Preston Schmidt

Navigate The Magento Configuration Settings

Most of your basics settings with Magento sites can be set and manipulated through the admin panel in the backend.

At the top navigation, hover over "system", and click on "configuration" at the bottom of the dropdown.

(This image shows the system dropdown menu)

Finding The Right Magento Section

Once the page loads you'll see a long list of links in the left side navigation. At the bottom is a section titled "Advanced", and by clicking on the section with the same name you'll find a list of options you can enable/disable inside of Magento.

(This image shows the Advanced section of the configuration page)

Disabling Your Settings

For the three settings related to this post you will be looking for the options:

  • Mage_downloadable
  • Mage_Review
  • Mage_Wishlist

(This image shows Mage_Downloadable disabled)

All you need to do is click on the select box next to each title and choose "disable". This will disable the function from your Magento website making this a very easy modification. There is no need to do a template over-ride to make these changes which is always a plus!


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