Diversification in Online Marketing is Key to Reaching Customers According to Marketing Managers

by: Ben Friedle

Yet again, the case for diversity in marketing is made thanks to GlobalSpec's Industrial Marketing Trends Survey.Respondents to the survey stated overwhelmingly that online marketing is already becoming a higher priority in 2007 than it was in 2006. The reason? Companies are working to grow their customer base by reaching and appealing to a more tech-savvy market. The question is this: What marketing mix will allow customer-seekers to reach their full potential?

First, lets understand who conducted and who responded to the February, 2007 survey. GlobalSpec is a search engine geared towards professionals in the technical and engineering fields. In summary, GlobalSpec is a gateway through which companies may access a wealth of online catalogs, services, and other technical content. Users surveyed represented companies of all sizes, with 41% describing themselves as holding marketing management positions. In order to better serve their users, GlobalSpec needed to find out what their plans are for 2007. And with this survey they got their answer: Web marketing, with it's ever-expanding definition, is the future.

61% of those surveyed by GlobalSpec plan to spend more on online marketing in 2007 than they did in 2006, and 37% of all survey respondents plan to spend over one third of their marketing budgets online. A lot of time, effort, and money is being invested in reaching out to customers through the internet. But companies must remain active in seeking new, more effective ways to gain and retain customers. Nowadays a beautiful company web site and search engine optimization are not enough.

Along with a well-designed online presence and good search engine placement, companies need to give customers access to what they have to offer. The internet is all about information, so companies must give it efficiently. E-newsletters and email marketing allow providers to communicate directly with high-affinity customers and encourage them to investigate. Searchable on-line directories, product catalogs, and even advertisements placed on search engines give current and potential customers easy, quick access. Banner ads and banner ad networks allow for a broader reach to a more diversified group of seekers. After all, 91% of those responding to GlobalSpec's Survey use the internet to find what they need to run their own businesses.

At the same time, it is important to not get too carried away in expanding one's marketing mix. Though well-publicized and trendy, some forms of online communication are not yet worth heavy investment. For instance, forms of social media such as podcasts and blogs are not showing high returns in the industrial sector yet. The eyes of potential customers have not turned in such directions. Still, social media is worth monitoring and dabbling in for possible use in the future.

What we learn from GlobalSpec's Industrial Marketing Trends Survey is that customers expect to find what they need online. Through a balanced, broad-reaching online marketing strategy companies can make a connection with those customers and provide them with easy access, relevant information, and thus great service. Outlier Solutions can help you define, implement, and measure a complete online marketing strategy.


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