Drupal Paragraphs Hold the Key to an Empowered Content Management Team

by: Kathleen Martin

Drupal Game of Codes

Aligning Business and Marketing Goals

Cross-channel marketing platform Yesmail is headquartered in Portland with offices in major cities around the world. A company that’s used to pushing boundaries and harnessing the power of technology to find new ways to excel in their field, Yesmail brought an all-hands-on-deck approach when it came time to align the company’s business goals behind a new corporate website.

The Yesmail marketing team hoped the new website would provide them with additional flexibility in their online content strategy. Looking for web tools that could improve upon the current Yesmail website’s system of templated content pages (that provided the advanced content creators just a few ways to structure page content), the content marketing team wanted to ensure a new site would give them the freedom to do what they do best: create great content.

Drupal Paragraphs to the Rescue

Yesmail Software Engineer David Drake came up with a plan that could harness the power of the Drupal 7 platform’s incredible flexibility and customization to meet the marketing team's needs. He approached the Outlier Drupal web development team to help them execute on the new website concept. The new site would allow on-the-fly web page component creation including both text and design elements, freeing the YesMail content creators from the confines inherent in the use of a more static set of paged templates.

Using Drupal Paragraphs, Outlier created more than 40 unique content elements that could be used interchangeably throughout the site to realize the vision of content creators, whether that meant text and image placement or even embedded video. No longer constricted by a simple set of static page templates, the content management team could now manage the site’s structure and content without ever having to pull in the technology team for assistance.

The ultimate freedom to create the layouts your content teams want!

A Fully Customized, Modular Website

This dynamic website has provided the Yesmail content team with a modular platform that can be structured as needed to meet their content needs, giving the team the freedom to create meaningful content without restriction. By providing a massive library of individual page components to choose from, the new website frees up both content managers and technical teams to focus on the important work of providing Yesmail clients with the data-driven insights and cross-channel services the company is known for.

About Drupal Paragraphs

Drupal Paragraphs are tools that give site builders--and content managers--total freedom when it come to building web pages. Instead of building full page templates, Drupal Paragraphs are individual content pieces that can be used interchangeably and independently of one another to create a web page. Neat, right? That means more power for content creators who can now decide how they want their page layouts to look and can execute on those designs without needing to bring in their development team.

Do Drupal Paragraphs seem like a handy tool for your content managers? Contact Outlier today to learn more and find out how you can put these excellent tools to use for your marketing team.

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