Drupal Website Launch Tops off a Rebranding Campaign for Northwest EMC

by: Kathleen Martin

Outlier Launches New Drupal Website for Northwest EMC

In 2014, Northwest EMC undertook a website redesign that reflected the journey the testing agency had taken to get to its current state of operation—six testing labs in six states, all opened within almost 20 years. That’s some serious growth, and a direct result of the agency’s investment—in its customers, staff, and testing resources. A new website redesign would take the group’s older website, initially designed back in 2007, and turn it into a modern, highly functional experience that made it easy for visitors to schedule appointments, get the most up to date information on testing requirements, and receive additional information about testing facilities.

As part of the project, Northwest EMC also undertook a rebranding campaign, one that would honor the testing agency’s roots while also showcasing the evolution of the brand itself to highlight the company’s maturation since opening the doors on its first testing lab in 1992.

Outlier's design and marketing teams worked closely with Northwest EMC on the rebranding strategy to define the goals of the rebranding project, the mission and values of the organization, and then brainstorming ideas for a new logo design that was in line with these goals. The logo needed to signify the dependable, trustworthy representation of what the company itself offered to customers. Outlier's experienced design team produced a variation of design concepts to choose from that encompassed these goals.

Once the logo design was finalized, Outlier designers worked with Northwest EMC leadership to define a color palette for the brand that could be reflected throughout all branded materials, including the website and other promotional marketing collateral.

We then created a brand style guide to solidify use of the branded materials to safeguard and protect the brand, ensuring all those who would need to use brand elements would maintain the brand exactly as intended.

The rebranding project was completed by creating all new branded materials with the new identity—including business cards, presentation templates, email templates, letterhead, and all other materials that use the Northwest EMC logo.

Northwest EMC was thrilled with the results, and launched its full rebranding campaign in the summer of 2014.

Click to visit the Northwest EMC website, or visit our branding portfolio pages for more information about Outlier’s graphic design and branding capabilities.


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