DrupalCon 2016: Outlier Devs Leave Their Hearts in New Orleans

by: Kathleen Martin

DrupalCon 2016

DrupalCon 2016

Last week marked the annual DrupalCon convention. This year was remarkable not only because it was Outlier’s 6th visit to the event, but also because it was the very FIRST trip for Outlier’s newest Drupal development team member, Daniel Toader.

Making it an even easier cross to bear was the simple fact that this year, DrupalCon was held in New Orleans (cue sad trombone for our poor development team who were forced to spend an entire week enduring the sights, sounds, and tastes of one of the country’s biggest party spots!).

But our team prevailed! And sat in on some seriously exciting sessions and speaker events, not to mention the smaller and more casual BOF (Birds of a Feather) events throughout the week.

All Roads Lead to Drupal 8

Of course this year’s biggest attraction was Drupal 8. Released last November, the latest version of the open source platform that’s been Outlier’s focus since 2007 has taken a wide departure from earlier versions as it’s now standardized on Symfony2, a well known PHP framework that breaks separate components into different layers. Outlier’s development team spent much of the conference making sure they are up to speed on all things Symfony.

As Outlier moves to the new Drupal 8 platform for new client sites, what that means is an impressive jump in both speed and performance. Sites built on Drupal 8 can reasonably expect to see website speed improve by up to 50%. That’s good news for businesses who are concerned (and you should be!) about search rankings and SEO.

Additional features for the new Drupal 8 platform include a focus on mobile-first web design (all Drupal 8 sites will be fully responsive from the word ‘go’) and HTML5 support in core. Even out-of-the-box Drupal sites will now include built-in audio and video playback. As marketers everywhere plan on increasing their investment in video marketing, they’ll now have websites ready to meet those needs.

Finally, we checked in with the team to see if New Orleans nightlife was as wild and crazy as we’ve heard:

“What happens at DrupalCon stays at DrupalCon..."

Case closed.

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