Facebook Graph Search Makes its Debut to Mixed Reviews

by: Kathleen Martin

Searching for content across the web has become an essential part of daily online activity, taking its biggest leap to date back when Google entered the scene. Now of course, Google maintains the #1 position as the largest search engine across the web (with Microsoft bringing up a distant second place).

Today, with rising interest in a more social and open web, Facebook has released what they are calling Facebook Graph Search.

"Find people who share your interests."

The concept of the Facebook Graph Search is to help users connect like they’ve never been able to before. For instance, you could type the phrase "Friends who like to bike" and instead of results based on web crawlers and paid advertising, the query will return results that include all of your friends who like to bike. There are many other phrases that you can currently search and return results.

The majority of people have written, well, either extravagant reviews or reviews that suggest Facebook might have a long way to go.

When it comes to the idea of social search, this pillar of functionality is the first of its kind (in my humble opinion). Now, before anyone blows our comments section up, let me explain why.

Google tried to use search mixed with its Google+ social network and was torn apart by users who said their personal data shouldn’t be accessed by anyone other than those they choose to share with. Now,  Facebook has done that exact thing--by maintaining its privacy settings across users and allowing their search to connect and describe existing relationships across existing friendships—as well as allowing people to find and make new friends who have similar interests.

For now, Graph Search has launched for those who joined the waiting list, albeit in a very basic form of what I have a feeling the engineers at Facebook will eventually create for users.

-Written by Tory Adams


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