The Final Countdown: DrupalCon Portland or Bust!

by: Kathleen Martin

For the fourth year in a row, the Outlier Development crew is waiting (with bated breath!) for this year's DrupalCon event. Even better? This year's event is being hosted in Outlier's own fair city. The Portland Drupal community is large, and we are thriving. It seems only fitting that Drupal's biggest event of the year should have eventually made its way here. We couldn't be more proud or more excited to show off everything Portland has to offer visitors from afar.

And this year's event promises to be bigger and better than ever (no small task, mind you. Previous events have been held in San Francisco, Chicago, Denver and even Munich, Germany!). It is highly anticipated that the announcement for the release of Drupal 8 will come at the conference this year, and if the rest of the attendees are anything like our own Drupal team, there is sure to be a LOT of talk around the new release and what that means for the future of Drupal.

The DrupalCon conferences last an entire week, with the main sessions happening May 21-24 at the Oregon Convention Center and covering almost ten separate tracks designed to teach and inspire Drupal converts of all shapes and sizes. 

This year, Outlier's web development team will focus on developing new websites using features and profiles in our ongoing efforts to migrate most of our sites to our new Aegir server by the end of the year. This server is hosted on and the Outliers know that  using more sophisticated methodologies such as features and profiles will improve our ability to streamline the web development process and develop new sites more quickly in the future.

But probably the most important aspect of the annual Drupal events are the opportunities we get to meet with other members of the Drupal community, both in Portland and from lands unknown. Sure, we know that Drupal has a lot of dedicated community members, but knowing that and SEEING that, as we've found, are two very different things. Each year our team comes back invigorated and renewed in the spirit of just what makes Drupal such a helpful CMS tool in the first place. 

We hope we get the chance to meet plenty of the visitors who will be in town for the conference. In fact, we'll make it VERY, VERY EASY to find us! All you need to do is find the handful of folks at the event wearing our signature Outlier t-shirts. Once you do, be sure to say "Hello, new friends!" and to ask for a t-shirt of your very own. We'll be sure they're well stocked so come and get 'em! Make new friends and get free stuff. That, as they say, is a real win-win.

Visit the DrupalCon event site for more details about this year's conference, and visit our Drupal web development section to learn more about Drupal development at Outlier. 

-Written by Kathleen Martin


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