Full Page Overlay Navigation With jQuery

by: Preston Schmidt

Full Page Overlay navigation

Here is an overlay navigation that functions with a little bit of javascript. This is a functional, yet stylish menu that will work for both desktop navigation, as well as mobile navigation. The javascript fires off a "click" event so it will work properly with touch screens of all types. 

A New Trend For 2014 Web Design

This is a new trend to utilize an overlay navigation, removing the traditional menu from your sites pages. This offers a small menu button that is always visible, and opens up the page realty for more important content. No one says you have to stick with the traditional form for site navigation, and the now well known "hamburger" icons are easy enough to grab the attention of your viewers to show them how to access your menu.

Expandable Functionality

This is a simple yet beautiful example, and can easily be expanded to add sub-pages and categories to link items, or just elaborate on style and behavior. Feel free to copy and use in your next project! make sure to check out the "result" below to see it in action.


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