Getting to Know Outlier: Young Me, Now Me - Ben

by: Kathleen Martin

The 2nd installment of "getting to know Outlier" features Ben Friedle via the Ze Frank photo project Young Me, Now Me. Truth be told he took his recreation very literally. After a fierce eBay auction for a Skeletor action figure (He-Man was a bonus), and a visit to the mall to get a Yankees hat, he was ready. It only took another month to pull it all together. Ha!

Born in Newburgh, NY the youngest of five, Ben was always a Yankees fan, except for 1986 when another NY team was pretty hot.  

My family is big, loud, and fun-loving, and our house was always full of people and full of life," remembers Ben. "At times, there were eight people staying in that house, and trips to the grocery store meant two carts overflowing with food. Even that would last for a day or two.

After I made this photo, I sent it around to my folks and brothers and sisters, and told them to give it a whir! And you, the reader, should too!

Just looking through old photos of yourself as a kid is fun because of all the memories it brings back. As a final treat, I got to be the photo of the day for August 14th, and am still waiting for my first commentor…

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