Getting to know Outlier: Young Me, Now Me - Diana

by: dianalien

We will be starting a series of blog posts: "Getting to know Outlier", so you can get to know us better. We'll let you in on the bits and pieces that make up the Outlier team. This blog post is inspired by Young Me Now Me, a blog dedicated to reliving/recreating photos from the past.


When I was young, my parents used to dress me and my younger sister up as twins. Although we never looked too much alike, we were able to fool people into thinking we were really twins. We would prance around in our matching pink tutu dresses, walk hand-in-hand down the streets, brush each other's hair (and then pull on each other's pigtails).


Now that we're both adults, we look nothing alike and it's hard convincing strangers that we're related, let alone sisters. These days, genuine smiles are harder to come by; I'm glad I can hold onto these memories.




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