Holy Smokes! Facebook Brings Big Changes to Facebook Feed

by: Kathleen Martin

Just when everyone finally got used to that pesky Timeline, Facebook is gearing up to announce possibly the biggest change since its inception.

Folks, your News Feed is about to change forever. Facebook plans to announce the entire list of changes at a press conference Thursday, March 7.

The changes to Facebook will add a much richer experience for Facebook users. Bigger (and more) photos, way more rich media, and some major additions to your stream customization options. You will now be able to filter your stream based on music, articles your friends are reading, the list goes on.

The flip side? These customization features give Facebook a lot more insight into how users are digesting content and what they are interested in. Good news for advertisers who will now have much more focused targeting possibilities for ad placement.

What do you think? Will Facebook customization benefits be outweighed by the increase in advertising? Or can we all meet in the middle?

-Kathleen Martin


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