Incorporating Database Driven Web Design for Better Marketing Results

by: Ben Friedle

Web design elements can be integrated with databases to help with maintenance, functionality and most importantly better marketing data.

For example, many web sites have email forms that they use to gather all the necessary information required to create a proposal, or to direct a customer to the correct support material. This information is typically sent via email and then once the information is received, that's that.

But there is a better use for this information. By using a database driven form (instead of an HTML form) you can capture this customer information automatically.

The web request is still sent via email but then the information given is also stored in a database that can later be exported and reviewed. Our web design clients have found that incorporating this type of database driven feature helps them turn their email requests into useful marketing data.

Outlier Solutions also uses database driven web pages to create corporate blogs (such as this one), product catalogs, sales representative listings, and event calendars.


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