Meet Outlier's New Summer Intern, Patch Leishman

by: Kathleen Martin

Summertime isn't ALL water balloon fights and drippy popsicles (dangit). Sometimes it's also about pushing up your sleeves and getting to work--which is exactly what Outlier's new summer intern has done in his first two weeks at Outlier HQ.

Meet Patch Leishman!

Patch arrived fresh from his junior year as a graphic design student at Oregon State University, and will be with us in Portland until September. In just two short weeks, he's already knocked our socks off and proven himself to be not only a thoughtful and engaged member of the Outlier team but also a very snappy dresser with excellent barista skills. He's here to continue sharpening his design talent as well as increase his overall knowledge of how a creative agency works.

Patch was drawn towards graphic design because of an underlying desire to help people achieve their dreams through design. He believes that his knowlege and interest in computers and technology can help do that. We caught up with Patch to ask him a few more questions and get the inside scoop on what makes this guy tick.

Q: What made you want to work at Outlier?

I wanted to take steps to show that I'm a dedicated individual and to gain some experience in the field. To be competitive in an ever changing, exciting industry like ours means going the extra mile. Time spent inside a creative agency is time well spent.

Q: What are some things that inspire you?

A: Clean design with messages that are easily accessible, yet highly impactful.

Q: What are your thoughts about Portland thus far?

A: Portland is an eccentric city that's full of energy and full of opportunities. Here, creative inspiration is all around us every single day.

Q: What would you say is the experience that's stood out the most since your arrival?

A: Uh... well... there was the whole "red carpet thing". Next question, please.

Q: Your boss while you're here is Outlier's lead graphic designer Diana Lien. Hooooo boy. She's tough.

A: Is that a question? Yes, she's very dedicated to the work that Outlier does.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10... how scary is she? I mean, really. Don't worry, we won't tell her what you say.

A: You won't tell her? Ok then. On a scale of 1 to 10 scary-wise? She's a 1. On a demanding scale? She's an 8. But I'm willing to go to 10!

Q: Wow! Dedicated. Well, here's a more serious question for you. If it were between you and Outlier co-founder Jed Herzog in an "Over the Top" type of arm wrestling square off - who would win?

A: Me! Hands down. I've got this whole "secret power" kind of thing going here. He wouldn't stand a chance.

We love a guy with confidence!

Please join us in welcoming Patch to the team. And, check out his delicious blog covering his adventures in Portland's foodie scence during his time here in the Rose City at


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