From Motor City to the Wilds of Washington State: Outlier Month in Photos

by: dianalien

1. June 9-12, 2014: Outlier Hits the Big Apple! Or, the Fake Apple in the Middle of the Desert. Welcome to Vegas, Baby.

Outlier team members headed east for a 3-day filming shoot for adidas International, catching the Retail Management teams for both adidas and Reebok as well as braving heat stroke over multiple 100+ degree days in the Nevada desert.

Outlier Founder Ben Friedle gets introspective at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

2. June 2-6, 2014: DrupalCon Austin shows Outlier What Texas is All About: Burgers, Big Boots.... and 3,443 Drupal CMS Geeks?

Oh.... Whataburger it was, too.

Austin, Texas, Capital of the Lone Star State.

3. June 24-25, 2014: Outlier's Version of the Angels visit Dearborn, Michigan for a Live Webcast at the Ford Product Development Center.

The event is part of a four city tour teaming the industrial designers at Core77 with Ford Motor Corporation for panel discussions focusing on design innovation in industrial and automotive design. Following the shoot (and 2 days/nights spent with Outlier Founder Jed Herzog), Outlier videographer Cornelius began growing a mustache. Coincidence?

4. June 3-4, 2014: Proving City Slickers Haven't Cornered the Market on Cool, Outlier Visits Kennewick, Washington for an Agricultural Photoshoot for Bonneville Power Administration's Energy Efficiency Program.

The 2-day shoot included visits to agricultural producers in Kennewick and Hermiston, Oregon, to cover energy efficiency program benefits for Agricultural producers.

5. June 2-5, 2014: Outlier Was Here - at the Sustainable Brands Conference in San Diego, California!

The 3-day Sustainable Brands Conference has been touted as the "ground zero" for sustainability, brand, and innovation professionals from around the globe. Also there were Scrabble tiles.


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