MozCon 2013: The Ties That Bind

by: Kathleen Martin

This week, 1200 SEOs, marketers, community managers and more gathered in Seattle for the annual event known as MozCon, a conference for online marketers to come together to get three full days’ worth of the freshest industry information and trends from the mouths of some pretty impressively brained folks. And for once in this writer’s life, there was sunshine, too, a previously unknown experience in the Emerald City.

The bottom line: on a scale of one to winning, this week is killing it.

Today is Day 2, and within the last 30 hours I’ve heard 20 different excellent speakers covering a HUGE amount of territory, from international SEO to some really interesting ideas about the importance of mobile content (in a thought provoking section from Karen McGrane of Bond Art + Science). But the big takeaway for me here is that our community is—I mean, like, as in today—adopting a broader view of marketing and what that means for our customers and ourselves. We’re not only technical SEOs, or brand marketers, anymore. Today we’re all of these things, because these are what makes up the bigger picture and where our opportunities to be better marketers lie.

The emphasis on the Customer has real legs at this event—with this morning being dedicated to communication during a crisis, building brand loyalty, and empowering customers. I love thinking about customers because I know that it’s because of them that any of us exist at all, and that’s a Big-A** Deal, in my opinion.

The Moz team did a seriously bang-up job with this year’s event. Well organized and executed, with a speaker roster that consisted of standout speakers like Aleyda Solis from SEER Interactive, Avinash Kaushik from Google, and Hubspot’s own (and one of my personal favorites) Dharmesh Shah. But the speakers are only half of this event—the other half is the audience, the smart and lively conversations in the lunch hall, and at breaks, and in breakout sessions in the evenings. People are excited to be here, and excited for the chance to learn from their peers and excited to do more to create amazing experiences. And there’s still a day and a half to go! 


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