New Graphic Design Color Tools on the Web

by: Ben Friedle

A large part of successful graphic design is color selection and combinations. As a visual society we are stimulated, relaxed, and affected by certain colors so in the graphic design industry we are always searching for new ways to find the perfect color to convey the intended meaning of our designs. As technology advances color tools are advancing as well. While surfing the net we at Outlier Solutions have stumbled upon some useful and fun color tools, such as color pickers and color mixers, which we wanted to share with you.

Pantone We couldn’t list websites dealing with color without including Pantone. Pantone has been the standard in color in graphic design for over 40 years. This website is crammed full of information on color. You can shop through Pantone’s products, ready articles and blogs, ask questions, and do much more.

ColorJack This website allows you to create custom swatch pallets that can be exported to Illustrator, Photoshop, to your bookmark folder, and a few other places. There is also a color widget that can be downloaded onto your computer for free.

ColourMod is a flexible color picker tool that comes in versions ranging from a $25 customizable widget to one that you can download for free onto your computer. Colourmod can do color conversions from your desktop and color picking from the web. is an online community full of people who have a love for color. You can create and vote on color themes, but there are also blogs, articles, discussion boards, trends, jobs, and more. This is a comprehensive site that is completely dedicated to color, not just color as it relates to graphic design.

Kuler This site, created by Adobe, helps the users to create color themes, similar to on COLOURlover's site. The themes are created around several color rules, such as analogous, complementary, and monochromatic. You start by selecting a base color, and then the site mathematically selects colors that are complementary. Once you’ve created the theme you can save it and other members of the community can vote on them. You can also download your theme; as well as other members color themes.

Colorstrology Colorstrology is similar to astrology in that it gives you a profile about your personality based on the month and day that you were born. However, there’s a twist. It’s not just giving a personality profile, tells you what your personal color is, saying that wearing or surrounding yourself with that color can bring out different strengths. There is also a widget that you can download that tells you what the color of the day is.

Working in graphic design in Portland, Oregon we know the importance that color has on good design. These sites are tools that can help expand your ideas about color, and as a result create more interesting, successful designs. We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with these tools.


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