Online Video is a Valued Advertising Media

by: Ben Friedle

A recent study by the Online Publishers Association found that 1 in 4 web users view online videos at least once a week. Of those viewing online videos, 66% have watched web video advertisements. 44% of those viewers took action on what they saw. These statistics show that a large base of users find online video advertising appealing.

In addition to this trend, an advertising medium such as online video advertisements has inherent advantageous attributes. Using tailored web-marketing techniques your audience can be targeted to your specific consumer base. The amount of viewers can be directly measured and the proceeding actions of those viewers can be tracked.

Summarized well by Cari Weissberg, VP and Group Media Director of Universal McCann Interactive.

"Online video is an extremely powerful advertising tool - combining the emotional impact of TV with the measurability of online advertising."


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