Our Philosophy

by: Kathleen Martin

Service and Balance We understand how difficult it is to run an effective marketing campaign. Deciding which marketing tools to use where and what to do to when can be an arduous project. As Outliers, we look forward to taking the current marketing project out of your busy schedule, running with it, or creating a new plan altogether. Blending web marketing, web design, and technology with memorable graphic design is the Outlier Solution to balancing all of your which, where, what, and when questions.

ROI Our priority is optimizing the return on your advertising investment. The campaign itself requires a balanced strategy, and choosing how to commit your finances can be a juggling act of sorts that can change from month to month or even week to week.

Whether you hire us for web design, graphic design, or corporate video production, we can provide a fixed price or hourly rates. Our flexibility in finding the right blend of services for your budget ensures you are getting the optimal return on your advertising investment.

Innovative Applications We have dedicated ourselves to the ever-evolving science of marrying technology with marketing. At Outlier Solutions, this dogged pursuit is our endless source of fun as it challenges us daily, keeps us abreast in today’s marketing world, and, most satisfying for us, serves you.


  • At your next trade show handing a potential customer a business card size CD that contains an interactive promotional video.
  • Delivering a DVD training video with your products to help instruct customers, reducing customer support costs.
  • Quickly bringing your global sales force up-to-date on product changes via a short training video streamed across the web, reducing training and travel costs
  • Exponentially increasing your business' exposure on top search engines with minimal investment and retaining more customers with exciting web design.
  • Distributing brochures and mailers with unique graphic design and print quality that translates the quality of the products and services you offer.

An Outlier's Design Approach Our Graphic and Web Design approach is inspired by art and grounded in utility to deliver practical information in a unique, comprehensive marketing package.

The Outlier Design Team will sit down with you to objectively discuss your current and upcoming marketing strategy. During this meeting, we always like to begin by considering your past web design and graphic design experiences to make sure we include any already-existing brand equity.

We then take the time to explore and learn about your core business, preferences, and tastes to create potential new avenues. From there, the Outlier Team will develop a competitive analysis, write copy, and take the creative load off your shoulders by presenting you with multiple design directions specified to fit your company’s brand identity.

Communication The pervading communication philosophy in all Outlier marketing and design services implements a clear and concise channel of conversation. We prefer to avoid any jargon, repetitive double talk, and bizarre “grammatinovation”.


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