The Outlier 30 Day Challenge - Part 1

by: Kathleen Martin

This past month, the Outlier team took part in the 30-Day Challenge. What the heck is that you ask? The 30-Day Challenge is simple. Choose to change something in your life, and do it for 30 days. You pick what the challenge is, and, well, go for it.

The results of our first 30-day challenges are in! As tough as some of the challenges were (no shopping for 30 days? Noooo!!), the team stuck to their guns and completed all 30 days. Read on to hear more about the unique challenges some of our team faced:

Ben Friedle, Co-Founder and 30-Day Challenge Instigator:

I was inspired by Matt Cutt's blog to challenge Jed, my "newsiest" friend, to take the same challenge. He gladly accepted and so I felt it would only be fair to do some challenging myself. Having gained 20lbs over the past year I wanted to battle the bulge. For my challenge I chose a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise every day. Tough part about this for me is scheduling. I have two kids, aged 2 years and 3 months, so it is either first thing in the morning or after bedtime. Riding my bike to work was a great option too once the weather lightened up.

The big question: "Did you stick to it?"

I missed three days out of the 30, which is a 90% completion rate. Not terrible, right? Lost a few pounds, and knocked all the rust off so I am primed to keep exercising.

For my next 30 day challenge I plan to do something creative, like a sketch a day or practicing fortune telling.

Diana Lien, Graphic Designer and Shopping Enthusiast:

I chose to ban myself from shopping (clothes, shoes, makeup, accessories) for my 30 day challenge. I thought it would be a great way to allow myself more time in the day to do other activities: get fit, enjoy the outdoors, read, etc. It wasn't a very difficult challenge, but my wallet was definitely happy with the results! (I do have a grocery list of items I'd like to buy though... :P) I plan on continuing this challenge but tweaking it so I can enjoy shopping only on the weekends.

My next real 30 (x2!) day challenge will be to complete a 60 day workout program called (appropriately?) INSANITY, and to focus on a more physical AND healthier lifestyle. Ryan (Outlier Web Designer) will be participating as well!

Read more in our next installment! Find out - was Jed able to stay away from his best friend, online news? Will Ryan be able to keep up with the INSANITY workout? Will Kathleen ever start her own 30-day challenge?


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