Outlier Heads to Boston for the Inbound Marketing Summit

by: Kathleen Martin

Man, I'm getting excited.

Not only do I get to head to Boston (a city I've thus far not had the pleasure of being introduced to) next week, but I'm going to attend the annual Inbound Marketing Summit taking place October 23-24. This, my friends, is going to be an awesome event. 

60 speakers. 1000 attendees from around the globe. Two full days of thought provoking keynotes and workshops plus real, actionable strategies to bring back home to Portland to gleefully share with the Outlier team and our clients. 

Inbound marketing is something companies ask us about more as they begin to see what kind of benefits can come out of producing worthwhile content for potential customers and by making themselves easier to find for those seeking more information about products and services offered.

Inbound marketing says goodbye to many of the traditional marketing techniques people are used to.

Inbound marketing can add real value to the marketing efforts of small to medium sized businesses with long research and purchasing cycles. But how does it work?

The main idea behind inbound marketing is to earn the attention of your potential customers, rather than exhausting yourself pushing your message out to join the millions of other messages they are bombarded with on a daily basis. Let them find you. Give them helpful information they need to make the best purchase decisions. Done correctly, your business can reap the benefits when the time comes to take the plunge. 

Inbound marketing includes:

Some of the benefits we can help extend to our clients include:

  • Generating new leads and increasing sales
  • Inbound leads create lower cost leads--as much as 60% less according to a recent report from Inbound Marketing trailblazer HubSpot
  • Inbound marketing can help unify and integrate marketing efforts across many platforms, reaching potential customers at several touchpoints
  • Added ability to react more quickly and directly to customer needs

More information to come! I'll be sure to check in after I get back next week.

-Written by Kathleen Martin


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