Outlier Marketing Solutions: Web Design & Ecommerce

by: Kathleen Martin

This is the second of our seven-part series focusing on Outlier's marketing solutions.

Web design is a fun process and it's always interesting to see the creative collaboration take hold. Our philosophy is that a visually stunning presentation must be well balanced with utility and usability. Websites have become a "must have" and so has web marketing. That's why using an advertising agency like Outlier ensures that your site will be built, designed, and optimized to rank well with search engines and provide customers with valuable information.

Today, most people expect to see an about page, a contact page, and a products page on a web site. The key is to present the information that customers expect to find in a memorable fashion. By incorporating effective graphic design and quality content into the site, Outlier Solutions has helped businesses do just this.

Where do we begin? With your expertise. It is very important to us to understand your expectations and goals for the site, how you are positioned, and how you want to be positioned. From here we will explain all of your available options and give you a thorough proposal with a fixed price.

The web design process unfolds. As a Portland web design firm, Outlier Solutions will create multiple web design proofs to give you various options to choose from. Once we settle on the desired look and feel we begin coding and providing you with updates along the way. We will take the creative lead and allow you to revise the web design along the way. After thorough testing we send your site live.

Dynamic Web Design In our proposal we will include administrative features that allow you to maintain your site without maintenance fees. This applies primarily to database driven sites with product catalogs. So updating images, specifications, and adding new products is a snap.

We explain how to use your ftp features and monitor your web traffic to judge the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign. And of course, if you prefer, we can handle all of this for you.

Ecommerce Web Design For many industries a website with Ecommerce capabilities is expected. However, Ecommerce can also raise issues such as web design cost, security and questions about integration into your current business processes. As a Portland Web Design firm, we understand these concerns and work with clients to inform them of their options. Don't be the last site in your industry to offer Ecommerce options.


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