Outlier Team Enjoys a Color-Full Weekend at the 2012 Portland Color Run

by: Kathleen Martin

Outlier team members Ryan Armstrong, Diana Lien and Kathleen Martin faced a challenge this past weekend to test our physical endurance, mental fortitude and... our threshold for colorful paint powder?

A strange combo, perhaps, but also one that equaled a lot of fun on a Saturday morning, as the Outlier team faced the 2012 Portland Color Run at the Portland International Raceway. 

This unconventional event takes place in cities across the United States, including Cincinnati, Memphis, Chicago, Washington, D.C.. and all the way down to St. Petersburg, Florida. The 5K race course is spattered with "color stations" at which point race contestants are bombarded with, yup, you guessed it, a whole lot of colorful powder. By race end, the three members of the Outlier race team resembled characters out of a brighter and slightly less dystopic Mad Max scene. 

15,000 people joined in the fun this year, making it one of the Portland area's biggest racing events. The Outlier team is already thinking about the 2013 race and getting our racing tutus ready for next year! 

-Written by Kathleen Martin


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