Promotional Products Are Still Good for Building Customer Relations

by: Ben Friedle

Recently, I was looking at some promotional materials for Outlier Solutions and I stumbled upon some interesting things that I decided to share. Promotional products can be a fun and effective way to establish or enhance customer relations, with new and existing customers. Promotional items keep your company’s name and contact information out in the open, handy for customers to find and helping to introduce your company to potential customers.

According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), promotional products is an 18 billion dollar a year industry. A survey that PPAI conducted with business travelers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport revealed some other interesting statistics about promotional products and how customers use them. Here are a few of the statistics from PPAI’s survey: - 55% of people said that they kept their promotional products for more than 1 year - 76% said they could recall the advertiser’s name on the promotional item they were given in the last 12 months - 75% said they kept promotional items that were useful

Promotional items can be used as a thank you to your loyal customers. In my own search I keep coming across the saying "everyone likes freebies". There is truth to this, giving current loyal customers a nice promotional item will help make them feel appreciated by your company.'s blog "Everybody Loves Free Stuff" has compiled a lot of interesting promotional ideas. Some of these ideas are traditional promotional items like plastic bags and coffee mugs that showcase a creative design, and some of the items are more unique, like the laundry detergent kit that includes a piece of fabric that must be washed to reveal the message. Be sure to look at "Everybody Loves Free Stuff" for a lot of creative promotional and guerilla marketing ideas. Look at the Promo No-No page for a laugh as well.

The lesson I have learned, giving away a coffee mug, as typical as it may sound, can be an extremely effective way to build positive relationships with your customers and hopefully to recruit a few new ones.


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