Public Relations and Press Releases

by: Kathleen Martin

This is the final installment of our seven-part series focusing on Outlier's marketing services.

Public Relations is one of the most cost-effective and valuable services we offer at Outlier. Outlier can offer you our ability to identify a public relations opportunity, write a compelling article, and then use the power of the Internet and our own personal distribution list to circulate your publication.

Developing Good PR

  • Have an article idea? We can wordsmith it.
  • Need an article idea? Give us 15 minutes and we'll give you ideas.
  • Want to get journal exposure, but don't have the budget for ad space? Outlier will work with you to craft a white paper showcasing your industry knowledge and expertise and then use our network to get the paper distributed and published.

Public Relations and the Internet Distributing press releases and white papers to media outlets ensures you receive immediate and broad exposure. Our public relations services means Outlier reports on the activity and readership your article receives.


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