Search Engine Marketing Provides Sales Leads and Branding Clout

by: Ben Friedle

A comprehensive report has been released by iProspect on the attitudes of Search Engine users. They found that over 40% of search engine users try a new search if they are not satisfied with the listings they find on the first page and over 80% try a new search after browsing the top three pages. So as far as search engine marketing goes if you are not listed within the top 30 returns you are missing opportunities.

One of the more interesting questions asked "Seeing a company listed among the top results on a search engine makes me think that the company is a top one within its field", showed that 35% of responders agreed with this statement. In seeing this statistic it shows the correlation to customers wanting be catered to with internet marketing and they recognize that trend setting companies would be doing just that.

Using Search Engine Marketing with an effective mix of direct marketing improves your company's exposure (obviously), but it also demonstrates a forward thinking attitude about marketing. On the flip side the amount of people who disagreed with this statement decreased dramatically from 65% to about 25% (the remainder was neutral).

Another interesting finding was that a majority of search engine users find that "natural" or "organic" results are more relevant to their search over paid search engines. By not investing in "natural" search engine marketing an organization is potentially missing out on over 60% of the audience searching for keywords most relevant to their products or services. That being said, if your company were to focus only on "natural" results, 40% of search engine users would be ignored. This is why we also recommend using pay-per-click advertising and other tools to keep a well rounded internet marketing mix.

Studies, such as the one conducted by iProspect, continue to help us better understand the behaviors of Internet and search engine users. Outlier Solutions is passionate in the belief that internet marketing will provide growing results for both sales generation and brand exposure.


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