Search Features Reveal Great Marketing Data

by: Ben Friedle

We have found that including a simple search function into a web site's design can bring lots of interesting marketing data. Many visitors who come to your site and don't find what there looking for may think they are just missing it and will plug their keyword search phrase in and hit go just for the heck of it.

At this point two good things happen hopefully. The best option is they find what they were looking for. But even if they don't (maybe because you don't offer that service or product) they have left you with a quick note about what they were looking for.

Outlier Solutions can build a search function into your website that serves as a helpful tool to your visitors, and will retain all of the keyword searches people conduct on your site. After a few months you can begin analyzing this information and seeing products that people associate with your company or brand that you may consider offering. You also get to see what visitors refer to your products as and can adjust your marketing copy accordingly for better user experiences as well as better search engine placement.


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