SIC in a Box, Ben Zips Up the Seattle Interactive Conference

by: Ben Friedle

We hit the road at 6am, and made it to the Seattle Interactive Conference just in time to miss the electrical fire.  The first session I attended covered the use of SIRI and how voice recognition technology has evolved. The big takeaway for me was that expectations were set too high for this service because it was the key "feature" of the iPhone 4S.  Nika from the Blink group offered a 4-phase cycle she saw in a group of early adopters and mentioned also seeing this trend in other users' experiences with technology.

1) Initial excitement around word of mouth and marketing promotion: Expectations were very high.

2) Optimistic curiosity: Broad experimenting.

3) Frustrated Exploration: Giving related but just wrong results. Users felt like that they had to change when they want SIRI to change.

4) Acceptance and habit formation: People wanted "their money's worth". Felt like they weren't ready to give up so they change and learn the device, instead of the device learning about them.

Next was an SEO talk looking at the future of link building. As is the standard situation with SEO, no ground breaking tips that will ignite your traffic, but they confirmed what we all have learned about SEO, its about data mining, creating relationships, reaching out to thought leaders, and creating original thought provoking content (blogging, video content, infographics, whitepapers). Funny admission was that poor links still work (we all know terms where this is true) but the clock is ticking and those sites will be hurting when the time comes. They recommended checking out and answered my question regarding SEO and video with "Video is awesome" (See my post talk interview with Mike King to get more information) and check out Ross Hudgens blog on Digital Marketing.



Another good session was "Do Wrong Right". I chose this from the other 6 talks because I personally believe alot can come from learning during times of failure. They discussed how in the creative process, business culture, and organizational effectiveness, avoiding risk, or playing the blame game everytime something goes wrong is very limiting and will be detrimental to the longevity of a company.  After the talk I asked  Jamie Monberg, who is Chief Experience Officer at hornall anderson for an interview.  The video below is a great summary of his session around embracing failure.



In closing I wanted to mention that I have created a series of videos from the conference, including one on branding with Tom Gallagher of Live Area Labs, another of the Millenial Media booth that was decked out with green and white candy, a crowd survery on their opinion of QR codes, and my personal favorite (because it was fun to make) what would you tweet RIGHT NOW!  Check them all out at Outlier's Youtube Channel.


Written by Ben Friedle


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