Social Madness Competition Kicks Off June 1st!

by: Kathleen Martin

You've heard all about the Outlier 30 day challenge but now we've got something new up our sleeves and we NEED! YOUR! HELP! Beginning today, June 1st, Outlier will be competing in the Business Journal's Social Madness Challenge!

What is the Social Madness Challenge? Here's the scoop. For the next two weeks, we'll be hard at work competing against other Portland area businesses to see who can increase their social media presence by the greatest margin. And we want to win not just by a margin but by leaps and bounds! That's right, leaps and bounds. But we can't do it alone and that's where you come in. Please! Please! Please! We beg you. We beg your friends. We beg your friends friends and that girl in your yoga class who does a mean Dragonfly. We need your Facebook likes! Your Twitter follows! Your LinkedIn--well, ok, we think you've got the picture. 

Why should you socialize with Outlier for our upcoming challenge?  Maybe because we love art, music, humor, science, marketing, social media, Makerbots (3d printing in general), internet memes, Portland, NY, North Carolina, the outdoors, the indoors, making silly videos, making awesome graphic design, food, and our pets and families!!!!  Or maybe just for charity $7500 goes to the charity of choice for the winner of the national competition.  Or maybe--just maybe--its because we will work super hard to entertain and educate you throughout these next two weeks and it's as simple as lifting that index finger and dropping it on the mouse?

Whatever the reason, we can admit it. We're not too proud to beg. So help us and let us entertain you! We promise--no spam, no abuse, just good times and Social Madness. 

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