Top 3 2014 Web Design Trends

by: Preston Schmidt

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Large Hero Banners

Hero banners are one of the new web elements leading a fresh wave of designs which you can find more increasingly throughout the internet. A hero is a full width element that provides a lot of impact for viewers as they first land on your websites home page.

There is no one approach to content when it comes to hero banners, just the underlying principal that they are large, and generally have little textual content. They can contain images, calls to action, video, links, sliding and revolving content, or anything that the designer wishes to call attention to. The purpose of the hero banner is to offer your viewer an instant and enticing quick overview of what your website or company has to offer. Whether it be your latest hot product, most popular story, or an emotional visual and artistic story that informs your viewer about your company and site.

Plus, a hero is a great way to utilize powerful and impactful imagery and/or video. And as long as you choose your content wisely, you can give your viewers a strong sense of what your site has to offer in a very short amount of time.

Mobile Design

Everybody is talking about it, but how many of you are actually out there ensuring your site works on mobile devices? And how many of you are ensuring your sites work on more than just the iPad and iPhone?

The total amount of users who are using their mobile devices to connect online, and browse websites is increasing dramatically. And the amount of time users are spending online each time they log on is increasing as well. Can you even count the number of different types of mobile devices that are out there? How many different screen sizes and resolutions? It's a vast number, and continues to rise as the months go by. Mobile design requires a different approach to web design, and even the type of content we provide our viewers. Large amounts of data, images, and video aren't going to cut it for your average user browsing on their mobile data plan. Mobile web design is a trend that is gaining traction and will only have greater focus as time goes by, but we need to make sure we are approaching content the right way.

Page load speed balances against usability and user interaction on mobile devices. Easy to read text, optimized images, and of course mobile designed navigation are important factors for small devices. Having your site work on mobile devices starts from day one planning, and should be thought out at the same time you designing the layout for desktop browsers.

Jump on board the mobile wagon, and never look back because it's here to stay.

More Video

As bandwidth, computer power, and availability of video editing software increase, the use of video increases as a valuable method of user engagement. Video is fun, interesting, and insightful, but there can be other benefits as well.

Video content can increase your sites overall SEO by lengthening page view times, increasing click through rates, and video can make any website dynamic. Video allows you to share information about your company without having your viewers need to read long amounts of textual content. With the power of visual interaction, and audio supplementation, video is working its way into a new trend of more modern web design.


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