Video Production, Training Videos, Promotional Videos

by: Kathleen Martin

The dynamic format of the Outlier Solutions corporate video presentation brings your products to life.

A unique combination of audio, video, and text presentation formats will appeal to a wide audience, whether you're targeting end users, sales professionals, or technical support representatives.

The corporate video production process will be tailored to your product segment, industry, and desired audience. For example the video production could focus on features and benefits for one audience and routine technical demonstrations such as installation, maintenance, and cleaning for another. By incorporating the power of a multimedia presentation with the widespread availability of the web, you are guaranteed to have an accessible and encompassing marketing tool for your customer sales force, employee trainers, and inside support staff.

The Corporate Video Production ProcessWe do the homework. Outlier will look at your existing marketing materials, your competition, and your current product information to design the story board for your corporate video. You are sent the story board for approval. Then the video production process begins.

Logistics are no problem. Depending on your specific video needs we have multiple options to eliminate logistics hassles.

Style and Brand Presence: The corporate video production process is cemented in your brand presence. We use professional effects and video filming techniques to create a clear, concise brand message that states the unique qualities of your organization, your products and your services.


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