Web Video Search Engines and Viral Marketing

by: Ben Friedle

You hear lots of talk about viral web video marketing and get excited about the possibilities.

"What if we can get our target audience sharing videos we produce and self promoting our ideas and products?"

It adds a lot of mileage to the return on investment for the initial video production. With viral video marketing the first step is getting your video in front of a wide enough audience to make a dent.

This means adding it to all of the major video communities, and directing customers to the video via PR and announcements. We typically also keep an eye on video search engines to see how complete and quickly updated they are.

One of the most popular video search engines, Blinkx, recently added AdHoc, a new ad program that encourages viewers to share their favorite videos.. This obviously helps spread the word on new video presentations.

Below is a list of video search engines that you may not have heard of yet:

It always interesting to see how videos are categorized and how the channels are broken down...


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