When Video and Web Design Combine, Good Things Happen: Timberline Product Design Website

by: Kathleen Martin

The Modern-Day Business Dilemma

Many of us are familiar with the story. You start a business. You work night and day to get it off the ground, building up a client list that reflects the hopes and dreams of your organization, plus a whole lot of hard work. Suddenly the opportunities you’ve strived for seem possible.

And seemingly overnight (yes, that was a little joke for all those tired Entrepreneurs out there!) you realize you’ve done it. Your business is a success. Your clients are happy (and impressed on the reg with your work, naturally). You’ve built a solid reputation for excellence within your industry. 

But what happens when your web presence hasn’t kept up?

That’s a situation Outlier clients at Timberline Product Design found themselves in recently following several years of growth within the organization. The business, started back in 2001, had received plentiful accolades for the company’s advanced product design and product development know-how. Led by award-winning engineer Phil Krebs, the company continued to build on early successes in order to engage with well-known brands on successively larger and more complex projects.

Timberline came to Outlier looking for a web design agency that could provide an online presence that matched and further enhanced the Timberline Product Design brand. In addition to a total website overhaul, the company was ready to evolve the Timberline Product Design brand itself with a redesigned logo that would respect the path Timberline had already traveled while preparing the company for future success.

Setting the tone with modern video and creative web design, Outlier’s marketing, web development, graphic design and video teams worked closely with Timberline to create a new website to showcase Timberline’s impressive catalog of product design projects. The new site also provides an inside look at the company using video and web infographics to share Timberline’s story with site visitors and potential clients. During the redesign, our two teams further collaborated to evolve the Timberline logo to its present-day form.

While any of these projects could have been completed on their own, doing them together provided us with additional tools to create a full site experience that would serve as the perfect complement for Timberline’s successful reputation and industry expertise.

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