DrupalCon 2016

DrupalCon 2016: Outlier Devs Leave Their Hearts in New Orleans


Kathleen Martin - May 18 at 04:00 pm - 8 views

Last week marked the annual DrupalCon convention. This year was remarkable not only because it was Outlier’s 6th visit to the event, but also because it was the very FIRST trip for Outlier’s newest Drupal development team member...

Drupal 8 jQuery Background Image Slider

Web Design

Preston Schmidt - May 18 at 09:25 am - 343 views

Drupal 8 is here and it's time to start making some cool sliders with jQuery. This one uses Drupal default fields so it's ready to go!

jQuery Image Pop-over on Click


Preston Schmidt - May 13 at 10:55 am - 6778 views

Let's make a nice and easy image popover when you click on an image using jQuery. Quick to replicate, and can be applied to any image on your site without altering markup. website

Video Takes Center Stage: New E-Learning Website (DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital)

Web Development

Kathleen Martin - April 20 at 11:30 am - 7 views

A Growing Video LibraryDesperate for a tool to help them keep on top of their own internal personnel training, the team at DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital created the On the Floor at Dove E-learning website. Within just a few years the site was bur...

Outlier Shoots the Block: DJI OSMO Demo

Video Production

Kathleen Martin - March 7 at 03:43 pm - 3 views

The New DJI OSMOOutlier recently picked up a DJI OSMO, a new system that combines the Zenmuse X3 camera with a detachable handle that promises "motion without blur and action shots without shake." We liked the sound of that, so Ben has been giving...

Outlier Bids Adieu to 2015, Lights Fuse on the New Year

Outlier Company News

Kathleen Martin - December 31 at 02:18 pm - 1 view

The longer Outlier is around, the more we realize the age-old adage is true and time really does fly when you’re having fun. We know because just this year, we’ve managed to eke out every last drop in a year filled with a whole lot of the good stuff.

Introducing Outlier's Jump Cuts video series

Video Production

AChandler - November 10 at 01:42 pm - 10 views

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy here at Outlier launching a new creative video series called Outlier Jump Cuts. You may have already seen some of the uploaded episodes--if so, thank you so much for tuning in! If you haven’t got the chance...

When Video and Web Design Combine, Good Things Happen: Timberline Product Design Website

Web Design

Kathleen Martin - October 14 at 03:32 pm - 11 views

Many of us are familiar with the story. You start a business. You work night and day to get it off the ground, building up a client list that reflects the hopes and dreams of your organization, plus a whole lot of hard work. Suddenly the opportunities ...

Set it and Forget it isn't Strategy? 5 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing Strategy

Kathleen Martin - July 23 at 02:45 pm - 3 views

Discover the Top 5 Marketing Tactics to Avoid At All Costs - a brief tutorial from the team at Outlier.

Which Video Style to Choose?

Video Production

AChandler - July 22 at 12:08 pm - 57 views

Each year, every aspect of video production has been democratized further and further. While pre-production has arguably always been low-cost, aside from finding talented writers and producers, right now you'll find production and even post-production ...

Outlier Founder Jed Herzog

Drupal Commerce vs. Magento: The Gloves Come Off!

Web Development

Kathleen Martin - July 13 at 05:15 pm - 7 views

Two E-Commerce PlatformsHere at Outlier, we get asked a lot about the pros and cons of Drupal Commerce vs. Magento. In the short video below, Outlier Co-Founder and Lead Developer Jed Herzog explores the two E-Commerce platforms and helps explain some ...

Video's Where It's At

Video Production

AChandler - June 11 at 04:14 pm - 1 view

People watch a lot of video. Maybe you just saw the one above?I’m not just talking about Winnebago Man, Grape Lady, or the endless amount of cat videos online.

Outlier Turns 10!

Outlier Company News

Kathleen Martin - May 12 at 04:12 pm - 3 views

It's been a great ride so far, and we're just getting started.This month marks the 10th Anniversary of Outlier Solutions! We could not be more proud of all of the work we've accomplished since opening doors (to a co-founder's house, that is. Trivia che...

Is Data the Secret to a Customer Experience that Finally Lives Up to Expectations?

Marketing Strategy

Kathleen Martin - April 20 at 10:04 am - 1 view

Whether your marketing is focused on finding new customers or you are intent on keeping the customers you already have (or, even better - a combinations of both!) the intelligence tools are there. It’s what we do with them that counts.

Have You Fed Your Funnel Lately? A Year of Content That Works.

Marketing Strategy

Kathleen Martin - January 30 at 01:40 pm - 1 view

When you work in content marketing, you hear a lot about funnels. But sometimes it can be confusing to know just how to properly feed and nurture prospects through yours.A recent report published by Eccolo Media explains just what types of content have...

Responsive Font-Size (Truly Responsive) With jQuery


Preston Schmidt - January 28 at 10:48 am - 436 views

Dreaming About Responsive Design?It's not like we all haven't at some time dreamed about that perfect design that looked great no mater what screen size and resolution it was viewed on. Something that made people say "Wow", and let you sleep well becau...

Parallax With jQuery - Quick and Simple


Preston Schmidt - November 5 at 09:04 am - 179 views

Looking closer at the script:$('.vertical').css('top','+' + ((scrolledY*1.3)) + 'px');$('.horizontal1').css('left','+' + ((scrolledY*0.2)) + '%');$('.opacity').css('opacity','0' + (scrolledY*0.001));

Using jQuery Does Awesome Things

Accordion Content With jQuery - Simple and Effective


Preston Schmidt - October 8 at 03:02 pm - 102 views

Accordion - Makes Life SimplerSometimes you have a lot of content on a page that needs to be kept under control so users can navigate and find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Sometimes your design calls for content to act a certain way or...

How We Assess the Social Media Landscape for Life Science

Social Media

mmeyers - August 18 at 04:20 pm - 6 views

We often think of scientists as the geniuses that toil away in a laboratory far from the reaches of the media world. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Thomas Edison, Nicola Tesla, and Albert Einstein were all masters of projecting th...

Find Drupal Web-Form ID


Preston Schmidt - August 14 at 11:40 am - 27 views

Find Your Drupal Webform IDIf you need to find the ID for a given Drupal webform, you just need to look in the code. So if you're in Firefox you can use the cool keyboard shortcut (command + u), or in chrome just right click and view page source to see...


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