Portland Creative Agency excels in Life Science Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - September 10 at 03:42 pm - 6 views

Portland, OR, August 18th, 2009 - Outlier Solutions, a technology driven marketing and advertising agency in Portland, Oregon, has recently launched a new E-commerce site in the life science arena. The web site,, exemplifies the industry...

Advertising Campaigns, Cascade TEK, and Outliers

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - July 30 at 03:42 pm - 1 view

Measuring the success of an advertising campaign is always a complicated process. If every hour spent on a marketing project could be traced back to an exact dollar amount produced, agencies’ and client’s lives would be a lot easier. However, a lot...

Bag of Tricks - A new Outlier Video

Video Production

Ben Friedle - July 24 at 03:42 pm - 1 view

We wanted to share a fun video we made for our sponsorship in By the way if you haven't ever been to an Ignitethey are really fun, and inspiring and are popping up all over the place.This video also contributed to our "Be the Out...

6 Social Media Myths

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - June 30 at 03:42 pm - 11 views

There are a lot of misconceptions and preconceived notions about social media, so we thought we would put together a myth buster list and throw out a tip here and there for ways that you can make social media benefit your brand. We compiled these myths...

The State of Twitter

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - June 15 at 03:42 pm - 1 view

It's no secret that Twitter has made a huge splash in our world, recently jumping from tech community darling to full blown mainstream awareness. Since it first began to gain popularity, supporters and critics alike have debated its usefulness.While it...

Portland, Seattle, Industrial, Healing - Look at us go!

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - November 7 at 01:42 pm - views

In some "coming soon" news we have broken ground on a new marketing strategy and branded look for Miles Fiberglass, a long established composite manufacturer with facilities in Portland, and Oregon City, Oregon. Look for their new website and print col...

Web Video Search Engines and Viral Marketing

Video Production

Ben Friedle - October 29 at 03:42 pm - 3 views

You hear lots of talk about viral web video marketing and get excited about the possibilities."What if we can get our target audience sharing videos we produce and self promoting our ideas and products?"It adds a lot of mileage to the return on investm...

New Laboratory Equipment Product Presentation

Web Design

Ben Friedle - September 8 at 03:42 pm - views

We have recently completed a product demonstration multimedia presentation for Labnet International. They wanted to put together an online sales tool for the new Multigene Thermal Cycler.Labnet's MultiGene Gradient Thermal Cycler is now launched and th...

The ThinkTank Joins Technorati

Ben Friedle - August 22 at 03:42 pm - views

It took us this long but we are now on Technorati.Technorati Profile.Our screen name is Outlier, look us up.

Promotional Products Are Still Good for Building Customer Relations

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - August 21 at 03:42 pm - 2 views

Recently, I was looking at some promotional materials for Outlier Solutions and I stumbled upon some interesting things that I decided to share. Promotional products can be a fun and effective way to establish or enhance customer relations, with new an...

The Importance of Planning in E-Commerce Stores

Web Design

Ben Friedle - July 31 at 03:42 pm - 9 views

Designing an e-commerce store takes much more planning and execution than launching a standard web site. Understanding this at the outset, just as with any large project, helps to ensure at the time of launch everyone in the organization is in sync (to...

Diversification in Online Marketing is Key to Reaching Customers According to Marketing Managers

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - July 6 at 03:42 pm - views

Yet again, the case for diversity in marketing is made thanks to GlobalSpec's Industrial Marketing Trends Survey. Respondents to the survey stated overwhelmingly that online marketing is already becoming a higher priority in 2007 than it was in 2006. T...

New Graphic Design Color Tools on the Web


Ben Friedle - June 20 at 03:42 pm - views

A large part of successful graphic design is color selection and combinations. As a visual society we are stimulated, relaxed, and affected by certain colors so in the graphic design industry we are always searching for new ways to find the perfect col...

Search Engine Marketing Provides Sales Leads and Branding Clout

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - February 9 at 01:42 pm - views

A comprehensive report has been released by iProspect on the attitudes of Search Engine users. They found that over 40% of search engine users try a new search if they are not satisfied with the listings they find on the first page and over 80% try a n...

Where is Online Video Advertising Going?

Video Production

Ben Friedle - November 7 at 01:42 pm - views

A report released by claims that online advertising revenues will increase to $775 million dollars by the end of 2007. Since the dawn of online video communities such as YouTube and MySpace, you are constantly hearing discussions of the ...

Search Features Reveal Great Marketing Data

Marketing Strategy

Ben Friedle - October 21 at 03:42 pm - views

We have found that including a simple search function into a web site's design can bring lots of interesting marketing data. Many visitors who come to your site and don't find what there looking for may think they are just missing it and will plug thei...

Outlier Solutions Takes on Web Marketing Efforts for Engineered Compost Systems

Web Design

Ben Friedle - September 20 at 03:42 pm - views

We have the pleasure of working Engineered Compost Systems of Seattle, Washington to manage their web marketing, and overall online presence. Engineered Compost Systems (ECS) designs and manufactures equipment and provides technical support for a wide ...

Los Osos - A Design Project


Ben Friedle - August 14 at 03:42 pm - 1 view

We wanted to highlight an exciting design project here in Portland, OR. Eric Ludlum and Laurence Sarrazin spawned the Los Osos design project creating an inspiring array of products and a very well documented account of their own inspirations and proce...

SHEL LAB Laboratory Equipment eCommerce Site Goes Live

Web Design

Ben Friedle - July 7 at 03:42 pm - 2 views

Outlier Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the SHEL LAB eCommerce store. The SHEL LAB brand of laboratory equipment is manufactured by Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. of Cornelius, OR. Sheldon partnered with Outlier to develop a multi-...

Add UPS Tracking to Your Web Design

Web Design

Ben Friedle - June 14 at 03:42 pm - 8 views

Did you know you can allow your customers to track packages from YOUR website? Well its true. As a part of the UPS Business Solutions Tools you can allow your customers to put their tracking number and track the package from your web site. It isn't eve...


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