Incorporating Database Driven Web Design for Better Marketing Results

Web Design

Ben Friedle - May 17 at 03:42 pm - 1 view

Web design elements can be integrated with databases to help with maintenance, functionality and most importantly better marketing data.For example, many web sites have email forms that they use to gather all the necessary information required to creat...

Online Video is a Valued Advertising Media

Video Production

Ben Friedle - May 10 at 03:42 pm - views

A recent study by the Online Publishers Association found that 1 in 4 web users view online videos at least once a week. Of those viewing online videos, 66% have watched web video advertisements. 44% of those viewers took action on what they saw. These...

Statistics From PEW

Ben Friedle - May 3 at 03:42 pm - views

The PEW internet and American Life Project site is a great resource for statistics on web use. As an advertising agency Outlier Solutions has found the information gained from this site a valuable tool in both our marketing efforts and in the advertisi...


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