Meet the Founders of Outlier

In a town full of creatives, how does an agency make it for the long haul?

It probably has something to do with our core values.

We believe in greatness, and we believe every day is a new chance to reach for it. That goes for us and for our clients. Our job is to provide the traction necessary to move our clients towards success.

Our bar is not set at servicing clients. Service is just a stepping stone to building loyalty and, finally, a real bond. Only when each of us can honestly say "I know you" have we done enough.

True collaboration isn't always simple, or easy. And it can only happen when we rise to the complex challenges ahead to bring our full selves and true skillsets to the table. No holding back our talents.

To do is not enough. True greatness requires careful planning and thorough measurement so we can experiment and challenge our assumptions to discover the correct path.

Positive values and a strong company culture start at the top. Meet Outlier's Founders

Ben Friedle

LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY: Stay focused on people.

VALUES: Creativity. Collaboration. Transparency.

"At times we collaborate with seasoned marketers, other times its engineers or even operations experts, and often it’s business leaders who need help to spread their message or build support for an idea.

"Our job is to take action and produce communication tools that allow them to do that.”

Ben is a strong communicator, and the right strategic partner to have on your side because he can zero in on strengths and weaknesses of a concept very quickly. He leads Outlier's business development and sales.

Jed Herzog

LEADERSHIP PHILOSOPHY: Master what you do and behave with intention to build great things.

VALUES: Community. Mastery

“Community is a large part of Outlier. Our client relationships are long lasting. Our internal team is unique in skills and people. Our open source community is powerful. Working with Outlier brings the support of all these communities to our clients.

“Our projects range from small business sites to enterprise projects. Focusing on Drupal allows us to master our skillsets so our clients get cutting edge development built on a decade of focused skill building.“

In addition to being a parther of Outlier, Jed is a master developer. He has a unique ability to discover the relevant technical aspects of projects to develop custom solutions that fit current systems and budgets.

Outlier is a sharp and close-knit team. That adds meaning to our work.

We show up every day ready to perform, with a sense of humor and a devotion to our clients that keeps us pushing for new ideas.

“Our audience is your audience, whether that’s your teammates, your consumers, your board members, or any of the others who are driving initiatives at your company.”


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