This website project included:

  • Fully responsive design looks and works great on any device
  • Inbound marketing tools and integration with Act-On marketing automation platform to capture, nurture and convert more visitors 
  • A modular, drag-and-drop interface that allows content managers to quickly create new custom pages

About Motista

Motista is a predictive intelligence company that helps Fortune 1000 companies identify and target emotionally connected consumers who are most likely to become long term customers. 

About the Project

In 2018, the company was poised to launch a new organization-wide lead-generation and growth initiative. To make sure the new initiative was ready for success, Outlier was hired to design and develop a custom website that could seamlessly integrate with today’s modern lead generation and automation tools. 

Outlier designed and built the site utilizing Drupal Paragraphs (more about Drupal paragraphs here). The modular drag-and-drop paragraphs empower Motista’s content creators to create new fully-designed pages in minutes, infusing major flexibility into the content creation process. In addition, the new site includes 3rd party integration with marketing automation software from Act-On.  

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