WaveMetrics homepage

This website project included:

  • Full E-commerce integration so users can purchase Igor Pro and related products on the website
  • Mobile-optimized design that works on any screen
  • Easy to manage user forums
  • Support library with video tutorials and FAQ
  • User-contributed gallery of Igor Pro coding projects
  • User submitted and community editable code snippets

About WaveMetrics

WaveMetrics is the software development company behind Igor Pro, a data analysis and visualization program favored by scientists and students around the world. The company recently launched the latest version of the Igor Pro program, Igor Pro 8.

You would be forgiven for thinking all that was needed was a simple refresh of the WaveMetrics website to promote the newly released product’s benefits. The truth was a bit trickier. Over the years, WaveMetrics had grown to encompass three website properties, all of which were still active. 

What Outlier Did

The project goal was simple, even if the process of getting there was not: Integrate the three separate web properties into a single website that provides all the information, tools, and support users needed: product information, ECommerce, release notes, a highly active users forum, and a place where users could share their own coding projects.

As we did so, Outlier had another clear goal: cut through any brand confusion that existed between the current websites.

The result is a website that’s not only modern in design, but also built with the performance required by WaveMetrics technically knowledgeable users.

WaveMetrics Website Redesign

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