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A New E-Learning Experience for DoveLewis Animal Hospital

When DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital started a training website, it wasn’t long before it grew to include thousands of videos and articles featuring real patients at DoveLewis in Portland, Oregon. is now widely available as an educational tool for veterinary professionals around the world.

Having quickly outgrown their original site, it was time for a reset. The new site now includes a suite of intuitive online tools to manage accounts, share coursework, and track members’ training progress. 

The site was built using Drupal Commerce to help DoveLewis manage a large volume of recurring subscription transactions, ensuring secure checkout, subscription management, and transactional communication via an automated email system.

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User Data / UX Audit

Outlier began the project with user survey data followed by hours of customer interviews to create a clear roadmap to address top user needs and enhance the site with new features designed to make managing accounts and course content easier.

Drupal Commerce

The site includes a 7-day trial subscription and account management tools to assist staff with renewals. After completing individual training modules, visitors take short quizzes to gain training certificates.

Post Launch

Since launch of the new E-Commerce website, users and administrators alike have been thrilled with the site’s easy navigation and reporting tools, resulting in a dramatic increase in overall web visits and site engagement metrics.


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