Web Development

Modern marketers need modern tools. And that's exactly what the marketing team at Motista got - a new website they could put to the task of gathering, nurturing, and converting leads.

WaveMetrics homepage


Web Development

There are times when simplicity isn't quite as simple as we'd like it to be. Like when you need to integrate several websites into one site that has everything your users need - purchase power, support, and user generated content.

OnDuty - Virtual Doctor

Video Production

Video takes those pesky learning curves and straighten them right out. At least that’s what it did for OnDuty, a telemedicine solution that focuses on finding new ways for users to access healthcare. A video suite removed some of the mystery surrounding telehealth while also injecting a healthy dose of humanity into the new high-tech health tool.

atdove.org veterinarian training website

AtDove.org E-Learning Website

Web Development

After DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital created its own training website, it wasn’t long before the site had grown to include hundreds of procedural videos and articles featuring real patients at the DoveLewis facility in Portland, Oregon. It is now widely available as an educational tool for veterinary professionals around the world.

KinderCare Recruiting

Video Production

How do you capture inspiration? A recruiting video for KinderCare Education shows us how everyday people are changing the face of early childhood education.

Five Wire website homepage

Five Wire Logic

Web Development

New product, new website! An elegantly simple ECommerce site supports the launch of a new testing solution for electrical engineers.

K-Pots Nursery Containers

Video Production

Video allows you to tell your brand story in a way that audiences can relate to . Just ask our customers at K-Pots, who utilized Outlier's video services to help quickly explain the value nurseries could find through K-Pots' unique new business model.

The Element Difference

Video Production

There are times when video will make the difference between a smooth transition and a bumpy ride. In this particular case, Outlier was tasked with creating a video that would assure customers they were in good hands following a merger between two testing agencies.

IBEW 48: Red Lodge Transition Center

Video Production

When an all-women crew of IBEW electricians donated their time to the Red Lodge, a transition center for Native American women, Outlier was there to create a video that raised greater awareness of women in the trades and further explored IBEW’s community-focused culture.

HP Copperhead

Video Production

When it was time to share the success story behind a new Research and Development effort at HP, product developers needed a way to effectively communicate the complex information behind the new product to their non-technical stakeholders.


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